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    Have received beta access to imagica.ai and cored3d, will post an update later on the functionality of these tools :).

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    made on https://www.text-image.com/

    00101111110000001100111010011010101111011011001100 11011011010001110001010010111010001110100011110001 10001011011010000000001101000001111010100010100011 00000111100100011010101110100011011110010110001000 11101011101000010000000010010001111001000001100000 00000101110110100101100100011001000000100011000111 01101110111101101101101100011110101100100011110100 11110011000100110111110100111111011000010101001001 10101100001001010101000101000011011010100011111011 11101100110010001100010101011011001101010001111100 10100000101001110101110111111111010000001010000100 00001011010000101101011110111100111110101101011100 11010001110011100110100001111011000100111000000100 01100010101111000001110101110001001111101101011011 11111000010001110010011111011111000100100101111011 10011111101001111101101000010110000010000100100100 11101011110100100100101000010111101001100110011101 00100111110111010000110100010001101011101101010010 01010110010000011110010101110011010001010101111010 01100000000100001001000100001010111100001000110100 01101011110010101011110110011101110010010110000001 01000111100110111101100001011101000100101111111000 01000100011100100111010011110100010001001001101101 10000101011000000010000100000011111110100011111101 00100011100010010110100000010000110101110000010100 01011111010000010001000011101101011101110000011010 01011001101110111000110011000000100010011001010000 00011111101010001011111100111100110010001111100101 11101011111100110111111110011110111011110000111011 00100101100111100100000001011101001100011000110110 00100010000101001010101101110100011001001010101101 10011111011110000001010110010001011000101111100010 01101100100110110011010101000100011010101110110010 11100100110010001111110001100111010111001101101011 00000111111100001001001010100010110101000000100110 00110010100001101010110000000110001011101010001010 01011001011000100100100111101110110100011000010100 10100011101010010100011011111000111011001000010010
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    Small program to test call an Octo AI Stable Diffusion endpoint.
    If not used for a while the endpoint seems to go to sleep.
    Then first request gives no response generated, but a few minutes later it works again

    Ive posted in Octo forum for suggestions on how to keep the API awake, or speed up the cold-start!

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    @Jeremyjf94 Those are amazing images!

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    The Axillary Artery branches

    Some - Superior Thoracic Times - Thoraco-Acromial Life - Lateral Thoracic Seems - Subscapular A - Anterior Circumflex Pain - Posterior Circumflex

    Axillary artery.png

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    So guys I tried something, A few of you have been asking about character creation and story building. I took the leap for all of you.

    Please provide your feedback what do you think?

    I have a gpt4 model trained on prompt creation happy to share.

    The first image was made with Dsv6 .50 Prompt magic and dynamic preset.
    Second Imagw Rpg4.0 once I made Robinson. Using the first img with img2prompt 65 prompt magic and the environment preset
    Third without the img2 prompt but prompt magic and the Illustration preset
    Fourth and fifth, with
    The photography preset

    Negative prompt: double image, makeup, statue, bad anatomy, ugly, misshapen face, fused fingers, incorrect hands, face without detail, pastel colors, missing facial feature, scary, ugly, extra limbs, 2 people, low quality, bad quality, bad textures, dull colors, lack of shine, bad formation, abstract, disfigured, deformed, cartoon, animated, toy, figure, framed, cartoon, 3d, disfigured, bad art, deformed, poorly drawn, extra limbs, close up, b&w, weird colors, blurry, watermark, blur haze,

    2 heads, long neck, watermark, elongated body, cropped image,out of frame,draft,deformed hands, twisted fingers, double image, malformed hands, multiple heads, extra limb, ugly, poorly drawn hands, missing limb, cut-off, over saturated, grain, low resolution, bad anatomy, poorly drawn face, mutation, mutated, floating limbs, disconnected limbs, out of focus, long body, disgusting, extra fingers, grosss proportions, missing arms, mutated hands, cloned face, missing legs"

    The gpt model provided this set of prompts1. In a forgotten era of mystic lands and legendary warriors, a solitary figure, Robinson, trains beneath the crimson sunrise, his blade carving swift arcs in the air, an ancient fortress providing the backdrop to his determined dedication,heroic fantasy,training,martial arts,swordplay,sunrise,ancient architecture,perseverance,determination,physical strength,solo,legendary,warrior,fortress,crimson sky,blade,motion blur,grit,intense,practice,storytelling,character introduction,ruins,sweat,dedication,workout.

    Wearing his intricate, battle-worn armor, Robinson traverses a dense, haunting forest, his loyal steed plowing resolutely through the undergrowth, as foreboding eyes of unseen creatures watch from the shadows,medieval,warrior on horseback,haunted forest,travel,full armor,battle-worn,mystery,hidden danger,watchful eyes,undergrowth,loyal steed,forest path,moody,foreboding,unease,dark shadows,overgrowth,mysterious creatures,dense foliage,ancient woodland,heavy armor,caution,tension,unknown,shrouded,unseen,threat.

    Robinson engages in a fierce duel with a monstrous adversary, his sword clashing against the creature's giant claws, sparks illuminating the dark cave in which they fight, each combatant radiating raw power and unyielding determination,battle scene,clash of titans,monster,warrior,duel,sword fight,dark cave,sparks flying,physical struggle,action scene,high stakes,raw power,creature design,dramatic lighting,ferocious opponent,challenge,bravery,heroic fight,aggression,dominance,sword vs claw,face-off,high tension,intensity,stand-off.4. Exhausted, yet victorious, Robinson kneels beside his defeated opponent, his sword plunged into the ground, its once shiny surface stained with the marks of a hard-won battle, the pale moonlight casting long shadows that dance upon their tired faces,victory,aftermath,weariness,warrior,monster,defeated enemy,grounded sword,blood stains,moonlight,shadows,survival,determination,tiredness,reflection,kneeling,ground perspective,respite,hard-won,recuperation,release,relief,exhaustion,battle scars,solitude,conqueror.

    As dawn breaks, Robinson, the battle-hardened warrior, stands atop a hill overlooking his homeland, his scarred armor glinting in the sunrise, a sense of hard-earned peace settling over him as he contemplates the journey that has defined him,warrior,epilogue,homecoming,scenic landscape,dawn,sunrise,peace,contemplation,battle-hardened,scarred armor,hilltop,overlooking,victory,silhouette,reflection,hero's journey,survivor,resolve,endurance,insight,return,quiet moment,looking forward,accomplishment.

    Here I Created the prompts
    RPG_40_As_dawn_breaks_Robinson_the_battlehardened_warrior_stan_1.jpg RPG_40_Exhausted_yet_victorious_Robinson_kneels_beside_his_def_2.jpg RPG_40_Robinson_engages_in_a_fierce_duel_with_a_monstrous_adve_3.jpg RPG_40_Wearing_his_intricate_battleworn_armor_Robinson_travers_1.jpg DreamShaper_v6_In_a_forgotten_era_of_mystic_lands_and_legendar_2.jpg

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    Quiz AI on a subject

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    Test topic 4

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    Test to store data in RGB pixels

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    3js test rotation

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    How much data can be hidden in an image?
    QR codes use black and white, and the largest 177 square QR can store about 3000 bytes.
    But if more of the color range is used, much more data can be stored!

    Steganography is the art and science of embedding and hiding information within a medium in plain sight. It’s related to cryptography and is just about as old. For example, it was used by the Ancient Greeks to hide information about troop movements by tattooing the information on someone’s head and then letting the person grow out their hair!

    Full article here